Build on bitcoin – Growing The Bitcoin Builder Community

Johns Beharry, a key figure in the bitcoin community, delivered an insightful keynote at BTC Prague 2023, focusing on the campaign “Build on Bitcoin.” His presentation emphasized the need to grow the bitcoin builder community by encouraging entrepreneurs, creatives, and developers to build on bitcoin. He addressed common misconceptions about bitcoin and highlighted the vibrant ecosystem of projects and applications being developed on the platform.

Key Topics

  • Introduction of Johns Beharry and his background
  • The “Build on Bitcoin” marketing campaign
  • Comparison of bitcoin and web3
  • Debunking myths about bitcoin’s capabilities
  • Examples of innovative projects and applications on bitcoin
  • Importance of physical and virtual hackathons
  • The role of hubs and community spaces
  • Call to action for developers and entrepreneurs

Johns Beharry began his keynote at BTC Prague 2023 by expressing his appreciation for the event and acknowledging both familiar and new faces in the audience. Representing Peak Shift, a venture studio, Beharry highlighted his experience working with various brands and open-source communities, including Albi, a lightning browser extension. His presentation aimed to discuss a unique marketing campaign not for a company or product but for the bitcoin community itself.

Build on Bitcoin Campaign

The crux of Beharry’s presentation was the “Build on Bitcoin” campaign. This initiative seeks to expand the builder community within the bitcoin ecosystem by encouraging entrepreneurs, creatives, and developers to utilize bitcoin in innovative ways. Beharry emphasized that builders are crucial for creating use cases that solve real-world problems, thereby driving the ecosystem’s growth. He pointed out that this campaign is about fostering a community that thrives on collaboration and innovation, rather than promoting a specific brand or product.

Bitcoin vs. Web3

A significant theme in Beharry’s talk was the comparison between bitcoin and web3. He highlighted a prevalent perception issue where bitcoin is often viewed as slow, boring, and limited to savings. Despite bitcoin’s recognition as the most well-known term in the industry, it has fewer active developers compared to platforms like ethereum. Beharry sought to dispel these myths, arguing that bitcoin’s 10-minute block time is a feature, not a flaw. He described bitcoin as stable and predictable, essential qualities for a global payment network. He also pointed out that bitcoin’s stability forms a solid foundation upon which diverse applications and layer-two solutions can be built.

Innovative Projects on Bitcoin

To illustrate bitcoin’s versatility and potential, Beharry showcased various innovative projects and applications being developed on the platform. He discussed smart contracts on the RGB Network, custom assets, and advancements facilitated by Taproot and the lightning network. Beharry emphasized that these projects demonstrate bitcoin’s expressiveness and potential to support a wide range of applications beyond mere savings.

The Role of Hackathons

Beharry underscored the importance of hackathons in driving innovation and growth within the bitcoin community. He detailed different types of hackathons, including design-a-thons focused on user experience and virtual hackathons that provide global access to bitcoin development. He highlighted the value of these events in bringing together developers, offering support, and encouraging the creation of sustainable projects that persist beyond the hackathon itself. Beharry shared examples of successful hackathons, such as Legends of Lightning, which aimed to create lasting impact by partnering with venture capital firms and offering significant prizes.

Hubs and Community Spaces

In addition to hackathons, Beharry discussed the emergence of hubs and community spaces as critical components of the bitcoin ecosystem. These physical spaces, like pleblab in Austin, Texas, offer environments for bitcoiners to meet, collaborate, and innovate. He described similar hubs in Bangkok, El Salvador, and Belgrade, noting that these spaces foster a sense of community and support for independent projects. Beharry highlighted the importance of these hubs in providing a physical space for interaction and collaboration, complementing the digital realm where much of the bitcoin activity occurs.

Build on bitcoin!

Concluding his keynote, Beharry issued a call to action, inviting developers and entrepreneurs to join the “Build on Bitcoin” campaign. He encouraged the audience to leverage bitcoin for their projects, utilize the resources available on the campaign’s portal, and promote the hashtag #BuildOnBitcoin to raise awareness and attract more builders to the ecosystem. Beharry’s message was clear: bitcoin is an exciting and dynamic platform with vast potential for innovation and growth, and the community’s active participation is essential for its continued success.

Final Thoughts

Johns Beharry’s keynote at BTC Prague 2023 provided a compelling vision for the future of the bitcoin ecosystem. By addressing common misconceptions, showcasing innovative projects, and emphasizing the importance of community and collaboration, Beharry inspired his audience to take an active role in building on bitcoin. His call to action underscored the need for a vibrant and diverse builder community to drive the next wave of bitcoin innovation. Beharry’s presentation highlighted the transformative potential of bitcoin and the crucial role that developers and entrepreneurs play in shaping its future.

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