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Bitcoin-first tech holding, fighting the good fight for self-sovereignty, top-notch digital security, and decentralized financial ecosystem.

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Securely yet easily store, manage, and protect your coins with Trezor hardware wallets, app & backup solutions.

Gold Partner

AmityAge is on a mission to welcome 100 million people in the bitcoin rabbit hole. Mining bitcoin to fund bitcoin education worldwide.

Gold Partner

NiceHash is the leading platform for mining. Sell or buy computing power and support the digital ledger technology revolution.

Gold Partner

Ledger provides security for your digital assets through their hardware wallets, empowering you to manage your coins with ease.

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Nostr is the future of decentralized media and services. Its community crowdfunded this partnership to educate the public.

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The Swiss app for cashless payments with bitcoin is an alternative to traditional payment systems.

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Lightning Payment Processor
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