Speakers - BTC Prague 2023

Introducing the brightest bitcoin stars attending BTC Prague 2023


Executive Chairman of MicroStrategy


Co-founder & CEO of Blockstream


Bitcoin author and economist


Bitcoin cat in a spacesuit


Host of the "What is Money?" show

Nur Khalil

CEO of Recursive Capital

Aleks Svetski

Bitcoin author & podcaster

Autumn Domingo

Co-Founder of Generation Bitcoin & Head Designer of Bitcoin Bytes.

Jameson Lopp

Founder & CTO of Casa

Stephan Livera

Host of “Stephan Livera Podcast”

Pavol Rusnák

Co-founder of SatoshiLabs

Dennis Reimann

BTCPay Server Dev & Co-Host at Einundzwanzig

Peter Todd

Cryptochronomancer / web-π dev

Lauren Prince

Co-host of “Once BITten” podcast

Jan Čapek

Co-founder of Braiins

Alena Vránová

Co-founder of SatoshiLabs

Eric Weiss

Founder & CIO for Bitcoin Investment Group

Anna Chekhovich

CFO at The Anti-Corruption Foundation

Juraj Bednár

Cypherpunk author & entrepreneur

Anita Posch

Bitcoin educator & author

Josef Tětek

Bitcoin author & analyst at Trezor

Knut Svanholm

Author of the "∞ / 21M” book

Haley Berkoe

Program Manager at Spiral

Micah Anderson

Director of Engineering at the Tor Project

William Casarin

Bitcoin Core, lightning & nostr dev


Founder of Base58 & core-lightning contributor


Product manager in bitcoin and open-source

Niko Jilch

Journalist and podcaster

Jan Procházka

Attorney at Law & Partner at Deloitte Legal


Product Owner at Hodl Hodl


Co-founder & Dev Lead of RoninDojo

Roya Mahboob

Entrepreneur and Afghanistan’s first female tech CEO

Pavel Moravec

Co-founder of Braiins


Founder of “DecouvreBitcoin”

Arsh Molu

Human Rights Foundation & Generation Bitcoin

Douglas Bakkum

Co-founder & CEO of Shift Crypto

Tomek Kołodziejczuk

Organizer of “Weekend of Capitalism” and “Bitcoin FilmFest”

Mir Liponi

Co-founder of Satoshi Design

Mike Jarmuz

Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Lightning Ventures

Rahim Taghizadegan

Austrian economist & entrepreneur

Benjamin de Waal

VP Engineering of Swan Bitcoin

Wolf von Laer

CEO of Students For Liberty

Val Wallace

Lightning developer at Spiral

General Kenobi

Business Development at European Bitcoiners

Ray Youssef

Founder of the Built with Bitcoin Foundation

Jan Škapa

Senior Director of Systems at Students for Liberty

Lyudmyla Kozlovska

Bitcoin advocate & human rights defender

Jan Pleskač

Co-founder & CTO of Tropic Square

Julian Liniger

Co-Founder & CEO at Relai

Ethan Rose

CEO & Founder of Pouch & Bitcoin Island Philippines

Bob Burnett

Co-founder of Barefoot Mining

Hynek Jína

Head of Development at Trezor

Xmei Lin

Head of Sales at Bitmain

Jan Mošovský

Programs Manager at European Students for Liberty

Conor Okus

Product Manager at Spiral

Farida Nabourema

Convener of the Africa Bitcoin Conference


Creator-in-Chief at The Crypto Couple


Director of Satire at The Crypto Couple

Lawrence Nahum

Chief Architect at Blockstream

Daniel Wingen

Founding Partner at UTXO Solutions

Lucie Komárková

Local Coordinator at Students for Liberty

Anders Kargaard

Bitcoin educator & podcaster

Peter McCormack

Host of the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast

Matěj Švancer

Co-founder & CEO of Plebstr

Johns Beharry

Running a venture & design studio Peak Shift

Ella Hough

Project Lead at Generation Bitcoin

Ben Perrin

Host of “BTC Sessions”

Daniel Prince

Host of "Once BITten" podcast

Peter Young

Managing Director of Free Cities Foundation

Kevin Loaec

CEO and co-founder at Wizardsardine


Bitcoin podcaster & traveler

Yusuf Nessary

Co-founder and Director of Built With Bitcoin Foundation

Joe Hall

Bitcoin reporter and content creator

Justin Moon

Fedi co-founder & Austin BitDevs creator

Adi Shankara

Senior Product Manager of Lightning at Blockstream & Lead at Summer of Bitcoin


The Inventor of Cryptosteel

Stephan Vuylsteke

Bitcoin Core contributor & developer educator

Riccardo Masutti

Cybersecurity & Privacy at Bitfinex / Tether

Jakub Vejmola

Host of Czech „Bitcoin channel" on YouTube

Sophie von Laer

Bitcoin Leadership Expert & Consultant

Dušan Matuška

Bitcoin educator & miner

Yaël Ossowski

Deputy Director at Consumer Choice Center

Domenico Gabriele

Test Engineer at Blockstream

Pete Winn

Head of Product and Education at Fedi

Matthew Mežinskis

Creator of “Porkopolis Economics”

Ioni Appelberg

Bitcoin animator & video creator

Erik Dale

Host of the "Bitcoin for Breakfast" podcast

Scott Millar

Co-founder of SideSwap

Dominik Šimoník

Co-founder & CTO of Plebstr

Vlad Costea

“Bitcoin Takeover” podcast & magazine

Nathan Day

Co-founder of BTC Map

José A.P.

Lightning Engineer at Clovr Labs

Filip Pawczyński

Chairman of Polish Bitcoin Association

Fabian Weber

Energy focused bitcoiner

Tristan Thoma

Director of Product at AlphaPoint

Bill Wirtz

Journalist and podcaster

Oleg Mikhalsky

Partner at Fulgur Ventures

Nick Schteringard

CEO of Boosty Venture Studio

Timo Steipe

Co-Founder & CTO at MIM

Matthias Koller

Co-founder & BD at Pocket Bitcoin

Tomas Hajek

Strategy & Operations at Kraken

Jan Dvořák

Lightning and bitcoin enthusiast, minimalist

Michal Novák

Author of ”Lightning Network: Future Payments”

Matouš Ledvina

Analytical Consultant at Google

Irina Bashkova

Technical Support Lead at Braiins

Michal Zapletal

Head of Technical Support at Trezor

Karel Wolf

Editor of Forbes CZ magazine

Dominik Stroukal

Economist, bitcoiner and book author

Alex Pilař

Angel investor, co-founder of InoWatti

Kamil Bouška

Activist, author, entrepreneur

Libor Flössler

Portfolio manager, YouTuber, author of a board game on investing
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