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What language is the event to be held in?

The conference is in English. The Main Stage, Expo Stage, and Expo Area are all in English. The outdoor stage for local audience is in Czech.

We are hosting BTC Prague in a country and city that has given the bitcoin world many great projects. The whole event was born out of this fertile ground. As organizers, we curate the topics, speakers and companies. Our goal is to talk about the most important topics, help bitcoin adoption and bring the community together. We devote our energy to making the atmosphere at the event welcoming and friendly as well, giving rise to new connections and ideas.

The event is for people who want to get introduced to bitcoin, as well as for advanced bitcoiners. Everyone will fulfill their needs at the event, including information and testing of bitcoin products and services, while meeting like-minded people.

Kids up to 8 years of age will get the Expo ticket for free at the entrance. Kids over 8 years need to have the Expo ticket purchased. Higher ticket tiers have to be purchased for all kids.

Yes. BTC Prague is an event for everyone. The conference is focused on experienced bitcoiners and the Expo part is for anyone, newbies included. The content of the outdoor stage is aimed especially at beginners.

This is a bitcoin-only event. 

Yes. Bitcoin is open source and we follow this spirit.

  • The event is not recommended for children under 10 years of age. The content of both the conference and the expo is designed to attract adults in the first place.
  • There will not be any babysitting available and you will have to take care of your kids on your own.

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