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What is the difference between the ticket options?

  • EXPO Pass is for beginners.
  • Conference Pass is for all bitcoiners.
  • Industry Pass is for professionals and bitcoiners who want to get involved in the bitcoin space.
  • VIP Pass is for those, who want to get the absolute best service and opportunities.

More details in each ticket description.

We value the principles of anonymity so we do not require any personal data during ticket ordering. The ticket is a unique QR code sent by email. You can save it to your PC, or cell phone or print it out. It is up to you. We do not care about the medium at the entrance. We just scan the QR and let you in.

Yes. The ticket is not linked to a person. You can give or resell the QR code to anyone.

Yes. It is possible to upgrade your ticket to a higher level, for example from EXPO to Conference Pass. Contact for details.

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