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What payment methods will be available at the event? How much BTC should I bring with me?

All points of sale will accept payment cards, cash, and bitcoin lightning. We suggest installing a mobile lightning wallet with some sats to spend. There will be ATMs to purchase bitcoin at the venue. 

  • You can have your own backpack with electronic devices – a laptop, a tablet, or a camera… Install a lightning wallet into your cell phone. Wear appropriate clothes, the event is partially outdoors.  
  • Do not come sick, with guns, or in bad mood.

Yes, public Wi-Fi will be at your disposal throughout the whole venue. If you care about your privacy, we recommend using your own internet access.

Yes, there will be alcohol available for purchase. You have to be 18 years old to be allowed to buy alcohol in the Czech Republic. We ask that you use your best judgment around consumption. Anyone behaving in a disruptive way will be asked to leave.

The venue owner does not allow entrance with animals to the event. 

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